Rogaine – Hamel’s Haunts III

Hamel’s Haunts III

update: Sunday July 21st
This is just a fun/training day rogaine. There are no prizes

Start - You may start any time between 1pm and 3pm. You may go out for any length of time that you like 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour or more, it doesn’t matter although it might be nice if you indicate how long you plan for. There is no planning time, you will pick up a map and that will be your start time.

Scoring - Controls are all worth 1 point. You score will be the number of controls/hour you collect. eg 2 control in 1 hour = 2, just as 6 controls in 3 hours = 2

Teams - If you are in a team you must stay together. I am happy for individuals to run around, the area is safe and this is just for fun and getting experience. MTB, some controls, particularly on the flagstaff side will require you to drop your bike, I’m happy for a team member to stay with the bikes, while others go and get the control. Additionally I will be at the Bullring for the entire event and can supervise all gear, look after keys etc.

Soup - Soup will be Roast Pumpkin/Vegetable and will be vegan, to accommodate as best as possible any food preferences people may have. Please bring a cup, I will have a supply of paper cups though.

Map -  scale is ~1:30,000 or 1km = ~3.5cm, it is a basic topomap with gridlines oriented to TRUE north, so adjustment will be needed for compass use. This is typical of maps used in adventure racing, which is the goal for this event. Advice will be given for those that would like some. The very experience Bob Cunningham has offered some help in this regard

Safety - It’s winter in Otago, I’m not going to tell you what gear you need to take. Last year the event was held with a foot of snow on Swampy Summit. There is no safety plan, you are grown-ups (mostly) and are expected to be able to make sensible decisions. Accidents do happen, and we’ll work together to help anyone in difficulties. But for $10 you’re getting a map, soup and a fun day out.

That’s all for now

20130720_163932 20130720_170207 20130720_171059

It’s back, the best rogaine to ever steal someone’s name without asking permission. Apologies to Antony Hamel (again).

Sunday July 28th

Location – The Bull Ring, Flagstaff
Start – any time between 1 and 3pm
Length – 3 hours (or whatever you want)
MTB and Foot options

Entry – $10/person
free for under 15

This years rogaine, is a TRAINING event. It’s on because there are some adventure races and multisport events coming up and this is meant to give people a chance to practice navigating, route finding, riding, transitions, team-work etc in a non competitive environment.

You choose your start time, you’ll be handed your map and go from there. Map reading, Navigation, Trekking and Riding will be at levels expected for the Dunedin Mazda Adventure Race and for the Spring Challenge. Checkpoints will vary from very easy to some more difficult ones for those that want more of a challenge. Coaching/Advice will be given to groups that would like it before they head out.

There will be soup at the finish, no prizes and I’m not even sure if there will be results, but there probably will be.

Matt Bixley
021 0469255

2012 and 2011 below

Report over on the main page

Update June 17th – It’s Done

Only a short post, Ann and I are a bit tired and we didn’t do any running. Thanks heaps everyone for turning up. Pretty sure I’ll keep putting one on while people keep asking. I enjoy setting the controls and it’s a buzz seeing everyone have a good time.

Team Comment Grd Event Score Name Name Name Name Name
301 Ed’s team x 3 850 Ed Styles Pru Renshaw Chris Cowie Ben Woodward
306 The Dropkick m 3 830 Stephen Cooper Ant Jackson Mike Lawrence
308 Three Queens f 3 820 Maria Gamble Clare McDonald Jan Johnstone
309 GLUTEN m 3 760 Jack Synnott Jared Maclachlan
304 Highland Fling x 3 710 Elaine Hargraves Gareth Hargraves
305 Fernbrae Whanau f 3 680 Sarah Andrews Karyn Becconsall
307 Allan Grant x 3 680 Allan Grant David Grant Jenny Rhodes Lisa Rhodes Peter Boxham
303 Vodka and Raro f 3 500 Harriet Walsh Esther Sibbald
310 NIM x 3 310 Sarah Baird Carl Rathbone
302 Are we lost yet x 3 0 Natalie Soper Rory McLean
604 Greig Hamilton m 6 2300 Greig Hamilton
612 Twihards x 6 1840 Emily Wilson Neville Thorne Tim Bright
605 R.I.P m 6 1820 Robert Jarvis
603 Bud Law m 6 1800 Bud Law Charles Law
616 Keas x 6 1490 Helen Chignall Mark Chignall
607 speedy turtles x 6 1480 Stephanie Freeman Peter Blyth Kirstin Cooper
609 AAA f 6 1470 Alice Westgarth Anna Heckler Anna Roseingrave
611 Team Williams x 6 1330 Richard Willams John Williams Bruce Eyers Vivien Eyers
614 Who’s the man? x 6 1330 Julie Grant Hayden Titchner
608 Helen Mathias x 6 1180 Helen Mathias Scott Davis Lorna Bain Nicky Gibbs
613 Sally Nichol f 6 1100 Sally Nichol Rachel van Gorp
601 Apple Orchard x 6 1060 Carolyn Pridham Murry Pridham Mike Pridham Rick Mains
615 Mud Monkeys x 6 1040 Daniel Turek Tim Jowett Jennifer Turek
602 Northern Slopes x 6 980 Bob Cunningham Penny Love Charles McLaughlin
606 Mum’s on the run f 6 430 Liz Sebelin Michelle Koni
610 Mike Stuart m 6 0* Mike Stuart

Update June 16th – ROGAINE IS ON

Just home (7:00pm) from checking a large part of the upper section. There is a foot of snow on the tracks and deeper just off it. There will be adjustments to the clues as I have had to redo some of the controls. It was beautiful up there.

Update June 11th – coming later tonight, I am currently thrashing the kids at monopoly. One child is in jail and the other is paying me rent.  Miss 8 cleaned up Monopoly with 7 properties freehold and another 2 mortgaged to fund her capitalism. Master 9, spent some time in Jail.

Some event information – Entries still open and will be taken on the day for an extra $5.

Location – Hill City-University Club Rooms, Logan Park

  • Start/Finish - Maps will be handed out with clues at 9am, we will start at 10am. You will then drive 10-15 minutes to Leith Saddle or Sullivans Dam. There is ample parking at Leith Saddle. Drive time at the start is included in the 3 or 6 hours. At the end you will record your own finishing time on the answer sheet. I know how long it takes to drive back so there is no point in fudging it if you are late. The reason for doing this is to avoid the temptation to race back down the motorway and through town. I think everyone who does these events is honest anyway.
  • The Map - so you now all know that the map is based around Leith Saddle. Not exactly rocket science, looking at a topomap will not show the tracks I’ve drawn on, the other tracks not drawn on, but it will show tracks that I haven’t used and others that are not passable. There are 46 controls placed within a rectangle measuring 4km x 6km. The standard grid lines on a topomap are lined up to true north. Magnetic North is not shown and is assumed to be ~24degrees at the moment. I do not think a compass is required but could be useful. Scale – for the aficionados as it is currently printed the scale is 1:28777 or 1km = 3.475cm and fits nicely on an A4 page with colours printing quite well.
  • Controls - Standard Red Circles with a dot in the middle, the circle is about 150m across and I believe all the controls will be found within the circle as marked, all but 2 or 3 should be found at the dot in the centre. Descriptions of the controls should overcome the inaccuracies of track and control placement. eg
    Colour of tape at track/fence crossingFuschia at pipe/stream crossing
  • Safety - The course is very slippery, you will almost certainly fall over at some point. It will be nearly impossible to keep dry feet. The rocks and boarded sections are very very slippery. The weather was OK for the 2 days I was out setting the course and Sunday looks OK, but the upper section is exposed and will be bitterly cold if it is windy. Shell and Thermal layers are recommended for the top and bottom. Gloves and Beanie. PARTICULARLY THOSE WHO ARE WALKING. It is assumed that you are all responsible and are well aware of winter conditions in Dunedin. As I type, sitting in front of the fire, it is snowing outside.
  • General - From Leith Saddle there are 5 obvious directions of travel. There are 3ish loops, each of which would be achievable in the 3 hour for efficient hikers. The 6 hour will require various combinations to be made up and/or which extensions to collect. A normal rogaine would have the highest value controls placed farthest away. That usually means a fast team rips around and collects as many as those as they can.  I’m going to try and even things up and score a lot of the distant controls a lot lighter so the faster more experienced teams will need to work out what extra bits to do while still trying to collect the higher value ones. We’ll see how it goes.

Update June 4th
Placed 28 Controls today (about another 20 to go), stunning weather. Mucked one up so it will only be worth 10 points. Location and Description were really ambiguous, sorry. Google maps image of the route I took today on the main page.

ENTRIES - send me an e-mail with your team members to and I’ll send you bank account details, or you can bring it on the day. Entries will be accepted on the day but will cost an extra $5.

Update June 1st
Hi All, there have been some e-mails from out of towners (fantastic) wanting to finalize their travel plans so here is the timeline for the day. For the novices, there will be a number of very experienced people who will be happy to give you advice on how to plan a route and things to look for when moving around. If you have any specific dietary needs please let me know. The soups (Vegetable and Roast pumpkin) will be homemade, dairy free and genuinely vegetarian, ie no soup bones.

Sunday 17th June
Hill City-University Clubrooms, Logan Park (to be confirmed)
9:00am – Registration and map handout
9:45am – Briefing
10:00am – Start of both the 3 and 6 hour events
1:00pm – Finish of the 3 hour, light meal and prize giving.
4:00pm – Finish of the 6 hour, light meal and prize giving.

The start will involve a 10-15 minute drive to one of 3 or 4 places to park your car. Drive time at the start and finish is included in the event time. ie your time on feet will only be 2.5 or 5.5 hours. The scale of the map will not be known exactly until it is finally trimmed and printed. It is currently 1:40,000 or 2.5cm = 1km. I will post a picture of the map without tracks and controls on Monday the 11th.

Enjoy your weekend, I will be out for about 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday placing controls, we were out last weekend as a family and placed a few in some beautiful bush. Miss 8 asked if it was Hardcore Tramping, she was having a great time.

Update May 16th
Given the snow this morning I felt it’s worth pointing out that the event will take place under almost all-weather conditions. That includes, rain, wind and light to moderate snow falls. Essentially if the roads are open it will go ahead as you will need to drive from the base to the starting point and return at the end. 70-80% of the terrain could be considered sheltered from the harshest elements. If it really looks bad up high, then I think I can quickly put together an urban rogaine. You’ll get something on the 17th that’s for sure.

Meal/Food – will be similar to last year with sausages, bread, vegetable soup and cake. Any concerns or needs let me know and we’ll try to help.

I’ve found a couple of sources that will allow me to accurately place the tracks used onto a topomap, that in turn will allow more accurate placement of controls at features that appear on the map.

Highland Events are kindly providing a teams entry (again) for their September Rogaine. have also donated some tasty beans as prizes.

021 0469255
Hamel’s Haunt’s II

Sunday June 17th, 3 & 6 hour options. $20 early entry ($25 on the day)

Mixture of easy controls on marked and unmarked tracks with additional more difficult controls potentially requiring scrub and bush bashing. Bush, Tussocks, Pine Forest, Gorse, Gravel, Mud, Swamp something for all. Most of the navigation is pitched at entry-level, with a couple of sections requiring more care and should fog/mist roll in then some of the nav will be at the more experienced end of the scale.

For those looking for training for The Spring Challenge, the majority of the course is at the level required for the MTB with one specific section pitched at the level required for the Trek (it is comparable to the Tapawera Spring Challenge).

Details to be added as I sort them out.

021 0469255

Here’s last year winning route, expect a map of similar detail, ie a downloaded topo, trimmed and extra tracks drawn on as best I can, it’s not going to be a Michael Wood masterpiece. In the map below only 63 is placed incorrectly, it should be 20-40m higher according to Alan Grant. :-)

Winners route from last year

7 responses

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  2. has a repeat of this event scheduled, is this true?

    1. I saw that, yes and no, certainly not on that date. I’ll be putting on a low key training weekend in late July.

      2-3 Hours trek/hike, 2-3 Hours mtb, with 3 control on each leg.

      Targetted at those training for Spring Challenge and Mazda Adventure Challenge. Goal is to provide a bit of navigation practice at the level required, a chance to talk with others more experienced and dicusss how the nav went and things to think about and look out for. $5 to cover costs, get some soup at the end. It won’t be a race, there will be no start or finish time.

      I am umming and aaahing about putting on a full 12 hour rogaine but can’t see me getting rgainsed at the moment.

      1. Nice sounds like a good training seasson. i found ur site while looking for events to help my training 4 the Mazda AR races anyway. I’m sure if u talk to Josh he’d put ur event on the Mazda Facebook site to help get the word out

      2. Coffee with Josh thi afternoon ;-)

  3. Hi, r u still thinking of putting together a training event or rogaine?

    1. Yes, probably last weekend in July

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