Was really iffy about writing this, as it might come of being ungrateful and/or jealous. 2nd part is definitely true though. Bivouac gives me some help in buying gear which is great as it means I can buy the things that suit me and not have to compromise with what’s on sale it also means I can get whatever brand I like. Icebreaker, Salomon, Outdoor Research and Patagonia. Eventually on the gear page I’ll write a decent summary about the gear I do have/use and why it’s good or not.

Within the above stuff I’ve also bought the odd bit of kit direct from the importers, thanks Gazza and Holly. That helps as it’s hard to try something new when you’ve got to fork out dollars for what might be crap, although experience is starting to suggest that the listed suppliers all make good practical gear that I’ll keep going back to. So this brings me to the Freebies. A package arrived last week with two freebies in it. They’ll cost me a beer or two, and they’re 2nd hand, but beggars can’t be choosers’ and 2nd hand is good for trying out new stuff. So what did GTG send me😀

2XU Calf Guards – Get Some.

Clearly these aren’t as good as his new Salomon ones (Jealous YES) or I’d have found them in my mail box with some Exo tights. But I’ve been drooling over these since Naseby last year but was too tight to fork out the dollars required and am too poo as a runner to be offered them. I meant to use them on Saturday for a mostly road, solid 37k but forgot. So took them out the next morning for another 90 minutes, calvies felt great, much better than when not wearing them for this mornings crawl to work. 2XU now sponsor ANZ, but I can’t see us getting any freebies there either. Even have to buy our own Black Singlet’s😦

NorthFace TNF100 Visor – Grant was clearly taking the piss here, I stole his 2XU visor to run Avalanche Peak, who knew something as simple as a cap could make someone so happy. Anyway, the TNF visor has proved to be like all TNF gear that I’ve come across. 2nd Rate. I got a hydration back from running Northburn, wee Samantha claimed it as soon as we got home. I felt bad for her as she had been tramping with a Salomon Pack that was much nicer. So I don’t know what it is with North Face, but their running/racing gear just isn’t much good. Back to the Visor, I’ll keep wearing it until I visit Castle Hill again and steal the other one for good this time :p

Early on Avalanche Peak 2011

Just for the Kaweka ladies. Avo Peak is this steap for 1100m Vertical, not like that nancy pants 400m Donald Ditch.😀

Also tried on some Asics Gear for later in the year. Quite nice, just hope we don’t get ripped of paying for it. Thanks GTG for the gear and the stolen photo.

The Weeks that was

7 Runs


~8 hours

1x Race, 1x Up Tempo session

Had two days riding mid-week to settle an Achilles niggle before it gets serious. It’s still there, but advice last year from a specialist was to keep running but nothing violent. Will keep on top of it and make sure I get in my weekend efforts. Saturday was a good 37k culminating in the TK Cowan 8k handicap, which I turned up late for after chasing the little kids round their 3k which turned into 4.5k when they got sent the wrong way. Good fun.

3 responses

  1. Darren Blackwell | Reply

    your right,very jealous.

  2. Bollocks! Avalanche Peak most certainly is *not* that steep for 1100m, I’ve done it!!

    Good to hear about the quality of the TNF gear…

    1. Yeah sorry, you’re right Andrew, what was I thinking? There’s actually some downhill in a saddle above the bushline, so total climb will be more than 1100m in the 5.1km to the summit. :p

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