Rogaine – Part 1

No, it is not the hair growing product, so no point in making lame trolling comments, you know who you are. Next few weeks will see me either running around doing one or running around setting a course for one. Fingers crossed July 10th it’ll be all go once the insurance gets signed off.

Heights of Winter coming up this weekend. Should be the usual mix of hand numbing cold swimming in flooded streams in the dark getting lost kind of fun that is always good. Gary and Grant are in for a rude awakening, with the amount of fun they’ve been having the last couple of weeks, they ARE going to have to tow me up hills. I know that 3 out of the 4 of you who read these pages also read Guise’ work as he has prettier pictures, better results and faster shoes, but here it is anyway. Lucky Bastards.

Pretty sure Grant just think he’s coming for an easy wander. Unfortunately for him there’s some pride on the line. Rob Jarvis and I have been teamed up for 2x 24s, 2x 12s and a 4 hour in the last year or so. It will be shameful if I can’t keep close, although he has stepped up in the quality of his team mates, picking up Phil Wood of Lactic Turkeys Events fame. Overall winners will be a forgone conclusion, defending Champions Fa’avae/Voyce, mind you, Trevor needs to remember to bring a Tow Rope and Spare Torch for Nathan. Greg Hamilton and Michael Smithson will also be there or there about. I just hope we don’t get lost for too long. I can already hear Guise saying “This is Bullshit!” Oh yeah, don’t forget electric fences in the rain. Good fun.

Part 2 – sometime next Sunday, maybe with results, maybe not

The Week That Was.

10 Runs

128.1 km

11 1/2 hours

Nice 5k XC race to finish the week, got arse spanked, 30k on Saturday that was a mix of Fast Pack and new track finding for the upcoming rogaine. Gorse and Blood = Fun. No doubt someone is interested in the vertical, short answer is PLENTY..

3 responses

  1. It’s a bit sad that you are already writing yourselves off, how come you aren’t aiming to win???

  2. yeah pussy, why aren’t you looking to win??????

    1. Word on the street is that you were too scared to go with Marty, thought he might push too hard for you. @ Secret, can you bring a spare ‘go faster’ thumb compass for me please?

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