No not the town that is now part of Greater London. Croydon Paton, yeah him, the guy that killed a Rabbit in the middle of the night while completing the Northburn 100k a couple of weeks ago. Hard as Nails would be my guess. He’s taken to trail running and long trail running like a duck to water, and most importantly likes to explore.

This post is for him as it’s the best way to answer his question about where I’ve been running. He somehow googled his way to a video I made of a run Frosty and I completed a couple of years ago. So here’s the description. It’s probably not as interesting as you think it was. We had to entertain very fast Roadies for a while. It was 50k long though, Frosty mad us do a short out and back at the finish, something like 2000m of climb. It was fun.

Frsoty50kvert Frosty50k

Start at Woodhaugh Gardens and go up North Road as if doing Waitats. Turn up the Organ Pipes Track, over Mt Cargill and down Cowans Road, Patmos Ave. and turn right up Leith Valley to the Nichols Creek MTB track.  Up that, turn left and across then down past Ben Rudds Hut, out and down the road towards Whare Flat before turning up the forestry roads (take your pick) Back over Flagstaff and return down to Woodhaugh. Run it properly and you should look like me, not bright and cheerful like Anna.

Quite possibly the best quality long run I’ve had. Two weeks after this Frosty ripped shit out of the TNF50 in San Francisco for the 2nd time and I ran my best Kepler. After one of the runs with the Salomon team Francois D’haene suggested this would be a perfect place to come and train for TNF San Fran.


I see in the last frames of the video I requested that next time , Salomon should bring their own Film Crew, Helicopter and some Speedcross 3 shoes. I’m pleased to say they delivered on all those things last month.

What I’d like, is to go for an explore in the hills one day with Croydon. I reckon that would be fun.

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  1. Hey Matt

    Your words are too kind. We can go exploring in the hills if you’re running and I’m in the Salomon chopper.

    Thanks for the route description and map.


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